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Many women suffer from allergic reactions to perfumes and recycled materials used today in sanitary pads and liners.

EasyDay products use only 100% new materials, non-chlorine bleached. No scents or perfumes are added.

The “Hypoallergenic or Allergy free” solution has become synonymous with cotton. Cotton this beautiful, soft and comforting fiber…

What makes EasyDay unique?

Yes, cotton is fluffy and natural, however offering an “organic cotton layer” doesn’t mean it’s light as a cloud absolute comfort. Through studies EasyDay came to realize cotton keeps humidity and doesn’t dry fast, making the pad less comfortable.
EasyDay came up with an idea worthy of its name. Using a material called “non-woven” was the solution, as it offers all the beloved cotton properties while remaining dry. Thus the material stays moistureless even when liquids pass through to reach the absorption core of the pad.
Subsequently, EasyDay pads and liners defeat allergic reactions such as itchiness, burning, redness and swelling. Designed to minimize and even eliminate allergic reactions for women with sensitive skin the pads are soft like cotton. They stay dry, are absorbent and offer odor and infection control qualities.