EasyDay Regular Pads with Wings – 16 count, individually wrapped

Made with natural ingredients, free of pesticides, fragrances, dyes
  • Maxi pads absorption in an ultra-thin -7 SEC DRY - Liquids are almost instantly transformed into a dry to the touch gel.
  • Say NO to Bacteria & Yeast Infections – treat your skin to a pad uniquely designed with natural ingredient that help eliminate odour, help fighting yeast and UTI problems.
  • Breathable: A well-ventilated pad lowers the risk of rashes, irritations, itchiness, infections, supporting your cycle or light bladder leaks with natural ingredients that keep you feeling fresh.



Natural Infection & Odor Control

Treat your skin to a pad uniquely designed to protect from the discomfort of itching, inflammation, with solutions that control odour & infections naturally. Our unbeatable infection control applies a natural technology that fights yeast and UTI bacteria.

No more twists and turns

Still sneaking those quickly twists and awkward maneuvers to make sure you’re leak-free? Eliminate the worry of overflow and side leaks with soft layers and maximum absorbency technology so good you’ll forget to check !!!

Breathable for daily living

Just as tight clothing and heels can disrupt your day, so can uncomfortable feminine products. It’s why we developed solutions breathable enough for you to live in supporting your cycle or light bladder leaks with natural ingredients that keep you feeling fresh.

Support that spans the globe

We proudly support refugees and women’s centers in Canada and Africa, ensuring every woman can access the easy solutions they deserve.

At Easyday, we've been there. We know what it's like to have that constant worry. To be secretly checking for leaks, or being forced to use ineffective toilet paper or substandard products that just add to your stress or can even cause discomfort and infections. It's why we are committed to creating the best pads and feminine care solutions for you.

Uniquely designed to fight infections



Leakage and Overflow proof


Designed for your active lifestyle



Despite their antibacterial qualities, Easy Day sanitary products – are not medicine, they do not replace medical treatment. SEMI-PRECIOUS MINERAL STRIP annihilates odor, diminishes bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, and yeast such as Candida Albicans by purely natural means. They should not be considered a drug, but rather an element of prevention and aid in the treatment.

It is not considered medicine and if you have symptoms you should seek professional medical advice. Where there are already problems Easy Day products can become effective depending on the health of the person. For severe allergic persons, medical advice is strongly indicated before use!

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