Simple Period Care Solutions

At EASYDAY HEALTH PRODUCTS INC., we believe that everyone deserves a life free from the shame and worries caused by natural bodily functions, so we decided to develop simple solutions to make everyday life easier.

Since 2012, we have literally been around the world to innovate sanitary pads, diapers, and incontinence products. Today, we have offices and partners in Canada, Italy, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco.

Under private brands and our own EasyDay label, our focus remains unchanged- to design and manufacture leading, innovative technologies driven by industry in-depth knowledge and consumer insights.

We’re constantly evolving our cutting-edge solutions with an emphasis on quality and simplicity. 

For quality, innovation and a competitive price, you can count on us as your partner of choice.

We are motivated to create products that support your progress and confidence in your skin.

No woman or girl should have to face misconceptions about the menstrual period,

incontinence and menopause at every stage of her life.

Our mission is not only to replace women’s sanitary products with first-rate

alternatives. It’s to replace unspoken issues with education, stigma with

support, and shaming with encouragement.

Each year, girls in developing countries are forced to miss school during their periods. When you purchase EasyDay products,
you help give those girls
access to sanitary products, and thereby a better education and a better future.

We partner with Health Partners International of Canada to provide health stamps to African countries. Together we can bring health and hope to girls and women around the world.