Make every day an Easy Day

It’s time for a change. And not just because sanitary pads haven’t evolved since

  1. But because women’s comfort still isn’t given the priority in health

innovation it should have gotten decades ago. EasyDay has evolved. Today our

unique products provide an alternative for all women; comfort and confidence!

We are motivated to create products that support your progress and confidence in your skin.

No woman or girl should have to face misconceptions about menstrual period,

incontinence and menopause at every stage of her life.

Our mission is not only to replace women’s sanitary products with first-rate

alternatives. It’s to replace unspoken issues with education, stigma with

support, and shaming with encouragement.

Each year, girls in developing countries are forced to miss school during their

periods. When you purchase EasyDay products, you help give those girls

access to sanitary products, and thereby a better education and a better future.


We partner with Health Partners International of Canada to provide health

stamps to African countries. Together we can bring health and hope to girls and

women around the world.


Your choice, makes a difference for all women!