World's first one of -a- kind protection

A shape that works with your body.

Our one-of-a-kind patented shape was designed with women like you in mind. It has elastic underneath and lifted edges for comfortable, flexible support that stays where you need it.

Why Choose The OMNI Pad

Comfort OMNI LeakLock

Still sneaking those quickly twists and awkward maneuvers to make sure you’re leak-free? Eliminate the worry of overflow and side leaks with Comfort OMNI LeakLock technology.

Infection & Odour Control

Treat your skin to a pad uniquely designed to protect from the discomfort of itching, and inflammation, with solutions that control odour & infections naturally. Our unbeatable infection control applies a natural technology that fights yeast and UTI bacteria.

Breathable for daily living

360% Breathability

A well-ventilated pad lowers the risk of rashes, irritations, itchiness, infections, supporting your cycle or light bladder leaks with natural ingredients that keep you feeling fresh.

Double the Support

When you purchase our Double Duty hypoallergenic feminine pads, we match your purchase, providing pads to refugees, low-income households, and women’s centres in Canada and around the world.

Toss those problems products

When you’re dealing with your cycle and have things to do, You don’t want pads that make you worry about odour and leakage. Some products cause further discomfort, and can even lead to infections. You don’t have time to risk, on items that fall short of promise. Easyday helps you avoid problems we’ve all faced with unreliable period solutions:

Embarrassing odors, difficult stains,
and discomfort

Worries of leakage that consume your thoughts

Money wasted
trying products that don’t work

No more analysis paralysis the shopping aisle. Grab products that eliminates pesky consequences, you can get on with your day already.

Say Goodbye to the vicious cycle

OMNI PAD 14 ct

Leave your worries and embarrassment behind with pads designed to handle light bladder leakage to keep you feeling dry and confident all day.

OMNI PAD 12 ct

Leave your worries and embarrassment behind with pads designed to handle light bladder leakage to keep you feeling dry and confident all day.

Easyday Liners

Discover our breathable party-liners, with sizes and shapes to fit your preferences and achieve unbeatable, invisible protection that is comfortable all day so you can feel carefree.

A chance to give back

More support, more Easy days

When you buy our period care products, you’re also helping the other women get the most out of their lives. For every pad you buy, we’ll donate one, supporting women and girls who struggle with the practical issues associated with their period, and the emotional ones too. We support them as they move beyond limitations, get an education, and work toward achieving their brightest future.

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