NO OVERFLOW- Zero Side Leaks


Your wellbeing comes first.

360% Breathability

A well-ventilated pad lowers the risk of rashes, irritations, itchiness, infections, supporting your
cycle or light bladder leaks with natural ingredients that keep you feeling fresh.

Just as tight clothing and heels can disrupt your day, so can uncomfortable feminine products

Breathability Equals Prevention

ATTC 10231
Candida Albicans

Responsible for vulvovaginal candidiasis,
as a consequence of antibiotic therapies
or a lowering of the immune defenses.

ATCC 6538
Staphylococcus Aureus

Responsible for vaginitis and other
vaginal infections including
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

ATCC 25922
Escherichia Coli

Responsible for major
urinary tract infections.

Imagine you’re running wearing a tight plastic bag on a warm sunny day, no doubt just the thought of it
makes you cringe and uncomfortable. Now imagine you were offered to replace this hermetic damped
garment by a state-of-the-art breathable T-Shirt: what a relief!

It’s why we developed solutions breathable enough for you to live in supporting your cycle or light
bladder leaks with natural ingredients that keep you feeling fresh.

Toss those problem products

Your cycle has arrived, but you have things to do. You don’t want pads that leave you worried about odours or leakage. Plenty of products out there result in further discomfort and can even lead to painful infections that disrupt your day. You can’t afford to take the risk on products that don’t deliver the support you need. With Easy Day, you can avoid the common consequences of choosing unreliable period products:

Painful infections, embarrassing odours,
and difficult stains

Leakage worries that sap your attention and consume your thoughts

Money wasted
on products that fall short of their promise

It’s time to stop spending your time and money on products that fail you. Choose solutions that eliminate the painful symptoms and worries, so you can say goodbye to period and bladder-related disruptions for good.

Say Goodbye to the vicious cycle

Sanitary Pads

Our super-absorbent, soft pads come with wings and a semi-precious mineral strip designed to keep you comfortable and support your active lifestyle without worries about leaks.


Discover Our breathable pantyliners, with sizes and shapes to fit your preferences and achieve unbeatable, invisible protection that is comfortable all day so you can feel carefree.

Double Duty Pad

for heavy flow and leaks

Leave your worries and embarrassment behind with pads designed to handle light bladder leakage to keep you feeling dry and confident all day.

Making a real difference

More support, more Easy Days

At Easy Day, we do more than support your easiest cycle. We donate to help refugees, low-income households, and women’s centers in Canada and around the world, because they shouldn’t suffer pain, discomfort, and embarrassment over their natural cycle. For every pad you purchase, we’ll donate one. It’s how we help women move beyond limitations so they can go to school, achieve great things, and get more joy out of life.

Our partnership with Health Partners International of Canada helps ensure that women in Africa have access to our products. We’re creating a support system so women can help women, and everyone can enjoy a better cycle.

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