Features and Benefits

Infection Control
Also called the “Vitamins of the Air”, anions can be produced in nature by some mineral and Volcanic rocks, such as tourmaline, a component of our EasyDay semi-precious mineral strip.More Information
EasyDay pads use an absorption core made out of absorbent powder (tiny granules). Basically, all liquids are almost instantly transformed into a dry to the touch gel.More Information
EasyDay products use only 100% new materials, non-chlorine bleached. No scents or perfumes are added.More Information
We have developed a breathable pad, using materials that contain micro openings allowing the air to penetrate evenly throughout the pad or liner.More Information

Easy Day

Designed to procure ultimate comfort.

A clever protection serving your day.

Our Pads
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Regular Pads
Heavy Flow Pads Night Use
Heavy Flow Pads - Night use
Our Liners
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Regular Liners
Thongs Liners
Thongs Liners
Thongs Liners
Easy Day Long Liners

About Us

EasyDay is all about comfort.

We’ve realized women were not looking for pads, but rather for the benefits they provide. We’ve looked everywhere, far and near and all we found were companies selling pads, none were selling comfort.

For the sake of our clients, we went from this disheartening observation and found a solution to ensure an EasyDay.

Focused on providing effective comfort for women to feel empowered, we’ve developed a powerful technology. EasyDay starts and ends with Comfort! Be free to do what you want!

Our Mission


Our Mission

We care about all women and girls.

Easyday Health Products supports women and girls around the world.

Each year, girls in developing countries are forced to miss school during their periods because they do not have access to sanitary products.

In response, EasyDay Health Products has partnered with Health Partners International of Canada to provide health stamps to African countries.

Together we will succeed.