Hello Ladies! Let’s face it, no one chooses to have a period. We CAN however choose how to deal with this “monthly gift” by choosing comfortable and reliable feminine hygiene products. The only issue now is choosing a brand that reflects your lifestyle and needs. How do you choose among all those choices? The answer is simple. Choose a brand that is Canadian, a brand that delivers expectations, one that provides variety and protection.

Before discovering EasyDay, I was using Always products and felt like my lifestyle was limited. I frequently experienced awkward sensations of dampness, irritation and discomfort. I decided to make the switch and could not be more impressed. Their products are superior to that of any other pad/liner company because it’s focused on quality without compromising comfortability.

EasyDay uses innovative non-toxic technology to produce a functional natural material aimed to offer amazing benefits beginning first and foremost with infection control. Using a natural-based scientific approach that works, their pads and liners diminish the risks of bacteria accumulation through their semi-precious mineral strip process. This provides a natural means of controlling odor and infection. Their products are also extremely absorbent preventing any and all unwanted embarrassment. The fabric used is hypoallergenic; absent of perfumes and recycled materials found in many other pads and liners. And most importantly (at least for me), their pads and liners are exceedingly breathable reducing any risk of developing unwanted yeast and other forms of bacterial growth. You can see how these benefits helped make this brand that much easier to choose.

Now, I can continue on with my lifestyle, living without panic or uneasiness because EasyDay products do just that – provide me with easy day living during my periods. Let’s face it, menstruation can already be uncomfortable enough as it is, but now you don’t have to be. Your life shouldn’t be interrupted and distracted by discomfort and constant anxiety when “that time of the month” rolls around. I don’t know about you, but I have enough to worry about in life as it is. Now I worry less with EasyDay.

By Makyla Coulombe