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The term “New Technology” is used so often, in so many instances, you may no longer believe in its authenticity, understandingly so...

If you look around, technology is changing your everyday life and the simplest things are now accompanied by high tech gadgets ...
Time has come for pads to take full advantage of what new technologies have to offer.

What makes EasyDay unique?

EasyDay products are the perfect example of science at work.

Ordinary pads are made the same way they were 10-15 years ago, using fluff (cellulose) as an absorption-core. The disadvantage: it acts like a sponge, so when compressed it doesn’t contain the liquid and its absorption qualities are limited.
EasyDay pads use an absorption core made out of absorbent powder (tiny granules).Basically, all liquids are almost instantly transformed into a dry to the touch gel, hence allowing the pads to be more absorbent if needed, to use breathable materials and enhance their infection and odor control properties.