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Breathability equals prevention of the development of harmful yeast (Candida albicans) and bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae).

Imagine you’re running wearing a tight plastic bag on a warm sunny day, no doubt just the thought of it makes you cringe and uncomfortable.
Now imagine you were offered to replace this hermetic damped garment by a state of the art breathable T-Shirt: what a relief!
In the same way, would you rather have a wound bandaged with a thick airtight fabric or have a breathable fabric over it? Which of these bandages will help heal the wound faster do you think?

Why is breathability important?

A humid environment where there’s a lack of oxygen provides the ideal setting for bacteria and yeasts to proliferate.

If a pad is not properly designed, moisture will build up, create discomfort and even allow bacteria to grow. It is very important that your sanitary pads and liners allow air to flow easily.

What makes EasyDay Unique?

We have developed a breathable pad, using materials that contain micro openings allowing the air to penetrate evenly throughout the pad or liner.
The flow of oxygen conferred by a well-ventilated pad diminishes moisture. Lack of moisture inhibits yeast and bacteria to develop since their environment of choice to grow is one that isn't well aerated and thus making it humid.
Ventilation also lowers the risk of rashes, irritations, itchiness and all of the “well-known problems” down there.